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Welcome to the IDEAS4U Information Page! The information listed here is for the use of Montgomery County Transition Coordinators sending student to the 2016 IDEAS4U event on March 15th at Montgomery County Community College from 9:30-1:00. All materials for the event may be downloaded from this site! You may return materials via mail or email - Please send all information from your school AT ONE TIME, rather than in pieces! Note that all registrations are TBD. Each student must have a completed registration form and media release form to participate in the event. A list of participating students and staff should also be included.

Unfortunately, this is not an "open" event. If you are viewing this page and are not a Montgomery County Transition Coordinator, you are welcome to download any of the materials posted here that may be useful for you.

These forms are needed for each student registering for IDEAS4U

These forms are to assist you in preparing your students for IDEAS4U