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Transition to Adulthood for Individuals with ASD
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A "one-stop website for families of children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder"

Bureau of Autism Services Programs
The Bureau of Autism Services, PA Department of Public Welfare has two programs designed to meet the needs of adults with autism: The Adult Autism Waiver (AAW) and the Adult Community Autism Program (ACAP). The Bureau of Autism Services has more information about each of the programs.
Post-secondary Education
The Pennsylvania Department of Education **website** has transition resources for youth, young adults, parents and professionals. ASERT also hosted a conference for post-secondary programs in Pennsylvania to discuss autism support programs. You can view those materials including existing programs and the success of those programs, as well as their struggles click ,here
There are many different types of employment options after high school or college. Some of those include Vocation Education, Competitive Employment, Supported Employment, Customized Employment, and Self-Employment. Talking about the different options with educators and other professionals might help focus your goals. ASERT released a report on employment for individuals with autism in Pennsylvania. You can learn more about the research and conclusions here.
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Access this document to see some AWESOME on line training from Works for Me

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Job Accommodation Network
Follow this link to view an informative presentation about the process to identify accommodations in employment settings
Follow this link to view a searchable database of job accommodations

(Blind & Visual Services)

NSTTAC, in partnership with other organizations focused on employment of youth and young adults with disabilities, has launched a newly reorganized Youth to Work Coalition (YTWC) website, accessible through NSTTAC's website: The purpose of this website is to house resources that help link resources for work-based learning experiences for youth with disabilities. The resources are organized across 8 work-based learning experience (WBLE) categories: (1) career exploration, (2) job shadowing, (3) job sampling, (4) service learning, (5) internships, (6) apprenticeships, (7) paid employment, and (8) mentoring. Within each WBLE category, resources are organized for the following audiences (1) schools, (2) businesses, (3) youth service professionals, (4) families, and (5) youth with disabilities.

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The Arc Medical Assistance in PA Check this website for an overview of MA in PA as well as a link to the Person Centered Planning Toolkit!

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This Link takes you to a resource for Person Centered Planning

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There are No IEPs in College Check out this link for information about the difference between College and High School

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this graphic gives a visual for how the new DSM criteria will change in regards to Autism Diagnosis